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How I Work

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In our work together I will:

  • Listen carefully to the story you present of your life

  • Pay careful attention to what you believe is and isn’t working for you

  • Help you make sense of and develop meaning from your story

  • Support you to change, transform, grow and learn in a deep and sustainable way

Through the relationship we develop, I will help you increase your understanding, and as a result, your own ability to change. We will identify together the root causes of the issues that you present and I will support you to re-frame the meaning you attach to what has happened to you. To do this I may at times challenge your thinking, or share theory as a tool to assist you to change unhelpful behaviours that are holding you back.

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You can contact me by email or message me on my phone. My contact details at the bottom of this page. I will get back to you the same day and we can set up a free initial online consultation. In this consultation we will focus on:

  • Your reasons/feelings for seeking therapy now

  • Any feelings/behaviours you might be worried about

  • Your goals for therapy

  • Any questions you have for me about therapy, about me and how I work

If we both feel we can work together we then schedule your first therapy session and agree how often we are going to meet. We usually meet weekly at the same time for 50 minutes. Sessions cost £50


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